Sakai Chemical regards the enhancement of corporate governance as an important management issue, and in accordance with this policy, we will strive to enhance corporate value by making every effort to conduct appropriate business operations and to disclose appropriate information to each stakeholder.


Ensuring Shareholder Rights and Equality

1. The Company will take appropriate measures to ensure that the rights of shareholders are substantially secured and will maintain an environment in which shareholders can properly exercise their rights.
2. The Company will ensure the substantial equality of shareholders.
3. The Company will give due consideration to minority shareholders and foreign shareholders to prevent issues or concerns regarding the substantial securing of shareholder rights, the environment for the exercise of shareholder rights, or the substantial equality of shareholders.

Appropriate Cooperation with Stakeholders Other Than Shareholders

1. We are fully aware that sustainable growth and the creation of medium- to long-term corporate value are the results of the resources and contributions provided by our various stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, creditors, and local communities, and we will work appropriately with these stakeholders.
2. Our Board of Directors and Executive Officers will strive to exercise leadership to foster a corporate culture and climate that respects the rights and positions of these stakeholders and sound business ethics.

Ensuring Appropriate Information Disclosure and Transparency

1. In regard to financial information, such as the Company’s financial position and operating results, and non-financial information, such as management strategies/challenges, and risk and governance information, in addition to disclosing information in accordance with laws and regulations, the Company will proactively provide additional information not required by laws and regulations.
2. Our Board of Directors will endeavor to ensure that the information disclosed and provided is accurate, easy for users to understand, and highly useful, considering such information to be the basis for constructive dialog with shareholders.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

1. Based on its fiduciary responsibility and accountability to shareholders, the Company's Board of Directors will fulfill its roles and responsibilities appropriately, including those described below, to promote the sustainable growth and medium- to long-term corporate value of the company and improve its profitability, capital efficiency, etc.

  1. Indicate the major direction of corporate strategy, etc.
  2. Create an environment that enables executive officers to take risks appropriately
  3. Provide highly effective supervision of executive officers and directors from an independent and objective standpoint

Dialog With Shareholders

1.In order to contribute to sustainable growth and medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value, the Company will continue to engage in constructive dialog with its shareholders outside of the general meeting of shareholders.
2.Executive officers and directors will listen to shareholders’ opinions through dialog and pay proper attention to their interests and concerns. At the same time, we will strive to clearly explain our management policies to shareholders in an easy-to-understand manner and to gain their understanding, and we will strive to acquire a balanced understanding of the position of our stakeholders, including shareholders, and take appropriate actions based on such understanding.

Created December 3, 2015
Revised July 21, 2017
Revised March 22, 2019
Revised December 1, 2021