President Representative Director Masaaki Yabe
We will continue to be reborn for the next 100 years and beyond.

During the more than one hundred years since its establishment, the Company has developed its business across a wide range of fields, including pigments and cosmetic materials, plastic additives, catalysts, and electronic materials, while understanding the trends of the times.
People's lives change with the times, and the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the situation in Ukraine have brought about significant changes on all fronts, including politics, economics, and culture. The world is in a complex state of globalization and division, and fraught with risks. However, it is precisely in times like these that we as industrialists are reminded of our duty to use our business activities to help realize a peaceful and happy society.
For this reason, we must constantly be changing. If we work only on expanding our current business, it may grow, but eventually, our profits will decline. In order to pave the way for the future, we will carry out more active discussions, increase the speed of development while repeatedly selecting and focusing on particular themes, and integrate manufacturing and sales to enable our newly developed products to contribute as early as possible. In addition, we sincerely regret the explosion and fire accident that occurred at the Yumoto Factory in May 2021, and we will maintain a safe working environment so that our employees and subcontractors can devote themselves to manufacturing with peace of mind.
Meanwhile, decarbonization and carbon neutrality have become a common global responsibility. We, too, have set milestones for 2030, and have started moving forward systematically. We will focus on the development of products that contribute to decarbonization, which we see as an opportunity to create new businesses while working to curb CO2 emissions.
In order to realize our goal of "creating an eco-friendly future through chemistry," we will continue to provide value to society as a sustainable company. Please look forward to "Sakai Chemical with the coherent policy" from now on.