Supplying various organic materials including organic sulfur and organic phosphate

We develop organic chemical products containing sulfur and phosphorus structures for a variety of applications in the field of electronics, resin materials, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, lubricant materials, and water treatment materials.
The phosphorus business is handled by our group company, Osaki Industry Co., Ltd., while active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates are handled by Katayama Seiyakusyo Co., Ltd.

Sakai Chemical Group’s strengths

  1. Capitalizing on our more than half a century of expertise in functional resins, we are developing new products for the optical and electronics segments and expanding our pharmaceutical ingredient technologies into other healthcare segments.
  2. The Sakai Chemical Group also leverages its collective strengths in R&D to continually tackle the challenges presented from new product development and developing new applications for existing products in field of functional materials that require harmonization with the natural environment.

Main applications

Resin materials:

Plastic lens monomers, molecular weight modifiers, epoxy curing agents, UV hardening monomers, etc.


Pharmaceutical intermediates and liquid solutions for perms, etc.

Lubricant materials:

Extreme-pressure additives, antioxidizing agents, mold release agents, etc.

Water treatment materials:

Coolant water and corrosion inhibitors


For Healthcare


Utilizing our proprietary sulfur and phosphate technologies, we have developed a number of pharmaceutical intermediates and healthcare materials, including phosphate oxide test reagents, sulfide test reagents and other induction agents.           

For Lubricant Materials


Our organic ester phosphate products capitalize on the unique characteristics of phosphate for use in the automotive sector and various other fields as extreme-pressure additives for lubricants, antioxidizing agents for resins, dispersing agents, and catalysts.

For Water Treatment Materials


We have developed water treatment agents used to prevent corrosion and scaling that ensure only safe and secure drinking water is delivered to consumers. These agents are also used to prevent corrosion and blockages in pipes, ensuring water can be supplied efficiently. These agents play an important role in our everyday lives as environmentally friendly agents.

Chain Transfer Agents


Using chain transfer agents in the radical polymerization of high molecular weight polymers stops the elongation of polymers, allowing polymers of uniform molecular weight to be obtained.

Epoxy Resin Curing Agents


Used as curing agents for epoxy resins, thiol-based curing agents, which have high reactivity with epoxy groups, achieve effects such as low-temperature curing, short-time curing, improved adhesion, and increased flexibility.

Photocurable Resin Sensitizers


Using organic sulfur compounds as sensitizers for photocurable resins enables curing using low-power LED, allowing for use in a wide range of applications, including adhesives for electronic materials, resist inks, dental materials, gel nails, and craft UV resins.