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Electronic Materials

Today’s cutting edge electronics include smartphones and tablet devices. Sakai Chemical Industry has pursued the development of dielectric ceramics and piezoelectric ceramics essential to the world of electronics, which has helped to improve the functionality of various electronics components as well as make them more compact and reduce costs.

Sakai Chemical Group’s strengths
  • Our proprietary hydrothermal synthesis process enables us to provide a lineup of ultrafine, high purity and highly crystalline perovskite dielectric powders, which help make capacitors even more efficient and compact.
  • Our spherical amorphous silica has established a strong reputation for its super narrow particle distribution width and low moisture absorbency.
Main applications
  • High purity dielectric powder: Dielectric material for laminated ceramic capacitors
  • Dielectric material for functional fillers (high electric permittivity/low loss)
  • Piezoelectric materials
  • Spherical Silica:Semiconductor encapsulating materials, film materials and toner-related materials
For dielectric materials
Barium titanate and other high purity dielectric powders form an important part of the electronic components and laminated ceramic capacitors essential to today’s electronics. We are able to supply compounds from fine and spherical perovskite dielectric powders made possible with our proprietary hydrothermal synthesis process as well as barium and strontium salt and titanium oxide.
Spherical Silica
Our lineup of spherical silica includes particle diameters of 0.05μm, 0.1μm, 0.4μm and 0.7μm and we can provide a range of surface treated products and solvent dispersing elements.
These can be used in sealing materials, film materials, toner materials, dental materials, etc.
For secondary battery and electrode materials(OSAKI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.)
Used in secondary battery materials and electrode materials.

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