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Plastic Additives Product details

SAKAI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., as a manufacturer of a comprehensive range of plastic additives, provides various types of metallic soap, tin, inorganic/organic stabilizers possessing different properties, as well as mixed metal stabilizers, together with combinations of these products. In order to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly products, we have developed a calcium-zinc stabilizer for cables as well as methyl tin and calcium-zinc stabilizers for pipes, fittings, and other rigid materials, all of which enjoy a good reputation among a broad range of users. We also provide lubricants, antioxidizing agents, light stabilizers, flame retardants, and other additives, so don't hesitate to contact us for any of the additives you need.

Calcium-zinc stabilizers
Product name Applications Document
Flexible PVC OW-3000 series Heat-resistant, automobile, high heat-resistant insulated cables
OW-5000 series Transparent cable, tape
OW-88 series Highly dense cable, plug, applicable to light Calcium carbonate
OW-77 series Highly dense cable, plug, applicable to light Calcium carbonate
OW-30 series General-purpose cable
Rigid PVC LHR-200 series Normal pipe, HI pipe
LHR-300 series Excellent weatherable profile
LHR-500 series Injection molding
Tin stabilizers
Composition Applications
Dimethyltin Mercaptide This has excellent heat-resistance and is suitable for various uses including rigid PVC products, and injection molding products in such applications as pipes and fittings. In particular, it is ideally suited for heat-resistant PVC products. [JHPA M-7644]
Mono- mercaptoacetic dimethyltin system This has superior lubricity and can prevent deposit unique to tin. [JHPA M-7683]
Dioctyltin Mercaptide This has extremely good stability at high temperatures and excellent initial tint-resistance and is suitable for hard films and sheets. [JHPA M-0581]
Dioctyltin Laurate This is best suited to stabilizers, lubricants and catalyst for flexible polyurethane foam. [JHPA M-0680]
Lead stabilizer
Tribasic lead sulphate Dibasic lead phosphite
Dibasic lead sulphite Dibasic lead stearate

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