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Plastic Additives

Plastic materials can degrade or change color due to heat, light or oxygen. Plastic additives are used to control and prevent this degradation. Plastic additives are used in pipes, joints, electrical wires, atypical extrusion, industrial films, flexible plastic film, and wall paper. There are many types of plastic additives including stabilizers, lubricants, light stabilizers and flame retardants. Our stabilizers include various metallic soaps, hydrotalcite, inorganic lead, organic liquids and organic tin.

Sakai Chemical Group’s strengths
  • As an integrated plastic additives manufacturer, we have integrated our long-standing proprietary technologies for inorganic and organic compounds to create products that are heat and weather resistant, including various metallic soaps, organic tin, inorganic and organic stabilizers as well as integrated stabilizers.
  • Given rising demand for environmental compliance, we also carry various other products including calcium and zinc.
  • We carry a host of different additives including flame retardants like melamine cyanurate.
Main applications
  • Stabilizers
PVC, electrical wires, pipes, films, and wall paper
  • Plastic additives
Olefin resins and engineering plastics
  • Flame retardant additives
Halogen resin neutralizers and PVC
  • Inorganic additives
Halogen resin neutralizers and PVC
  • Flame retardants
Non-halogen flame retardant (olefin resins)
  • Metallic soap
Pharmaceuticals, foods, various resins, rubber, pigments and grease
For stabilizers
Calcium and zinc Pipes, joints, electrical wires, medicine, and flexible/rigid PVC
Barium and zinc Flexible film and wall paper
Tin Heat resistant vinyl products, pipes, hard films, sheets, flexible and rigid stabilizers and lubricants
Lead Pipes, joints and electrical wires
For plastic additives
Hindered amine light stabilizers
Heat resistant stabilizers
arrow Olefin resins
Engineering plastics
For inorganic additives
  • Hydrotalcite : other halogen-containing polymers
    Heat stabilizer for PVC
For flame retardants
  • Melamine cyanurate : Non-halogen flame retardant
    (olefin resins)
For metallic soap
Calcium stearate
Magnesium stearate
arrow Pharmaceuticals and foods
Stearate system, Laurate system
12-hydroxystearate system
arrow Various resins
Rubber, Inks
Pigments and grease

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