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Zinc Products Product details

Zinc Oxide  (*Option)

(Representative analysis value)

Properties Grade
Zinc oxide for Cosmetics, Medical supplies
Chemical component Purity (ZnO) % 99.8
Lead (Pb) % 0.002
Cadmium (Cd) % 0.0001
Loss of ignition % 0.10
Water-soluble component % 0.02
Screen residue retained (45µm) % 0.01
Bulk density (ml/100g) 380
Oil absorption (ml/100g) 12
Mean particle size (µm) 0.55
Specific surface area (㎡/g) 4.5

Special Grade

Product name Grade Applications Document
Large particle zinc oxide new LPZINC Series Thermal conductive materials  
Ultrafine zinc oxide new FINEX Series Adsorbent materials, Deodorant, Antibacterial agent, Plastic cross-linking agent

Contact Information

○ Inorganic Chemicals Operations Division
  Tel:(Tokyo) 81-3-5823-3722 Tel:(Osaka) 81-72-223-4155

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