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Zinc Products Product details

Ultrafine Zinc Oxide FINEX Series

Inorganic UVA&UVB shielding materials with high transparency

Product name Grade Characteristics Document
Ultrafine zinc oxide SF Series
  • •Efficient shielding of UVA rays while keeping high transparency.
  • •Highly-compatibility to cosmetics ingredients by Sakai’s unique processing technology.
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Mean particle size
35 35 20 20
Inorganic surface treatment Hydrated silica Hydrated silica
Organic surface treatment Hydrogen dimethicone Hydrogen dimethicone
Surface Hydrophobic Hydrophobic

Sakai also supplies Ultrafine zinc oxide for industrial use.

Hexagonal Flake-shaped Zinc Oxide XZ Series 

Hexagonal flake-shaped zinc oxide with uniform particles

Product name Grade Characteristics Document
Hexagonal Flake-shaped zinc oxide
(Document P.8)
XZ Series •Effiective UV shielding due to these flake-shapes.
•Functional characteristics are varied with size of particle. Cosmetics
pdf [ PDF:2.58MB ]

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