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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is a unique white pigment that provides excellent whiteness as well as offers hiding power and tinting strength and is very stable chemically. Titanium dioxide is used in a truly wide range of applications, including paints, printer inks, paper manufacturing, plastics, chemical fibers, rubber, porcelain enamel as well as optical glass and capacitors.

Sakai Chemical Group’s strengths
  • We leverage our long-standing proprietary technologies to achieve even greater dispersivity and excellent weather durability.
  • We offer a broad range of titanium dioxide product types that can meet just about any need.
  • Our ultrafine titanium dioxide used for ceramics and cosmetic materials as well as our titanium dioxide for photocatalysts have earned a strong reputation from our customers.
Main applications
  • White pigments, such as for paints, artistic painting, glaze, and synthetic fibers
  • Safe colorants for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • High resolution photoreceptors for offset printing
  • Transparent UVB reduction materials for sunscreen
  • Sensitizing electrode materials for photovoltaic batteries
For paint
Our proprietary powder technologies and surface treatment techniques ensure that titanium dioxide can be used in synthetic resin paint, paint for acrylic/urethane paint cans, and automobile overcoats.
We offer titanium dioxide in a range of particle diameters, from 0.15µm to 0.4µm.
For gravure ink
Utilizing our strengths in surface treatment and particle control technologies, we are able to provide many grades of titanium dioxide for gravure ink. We are also able to make modifications or improvements based on customer requests.
For plastics
Leveraging our proprietary technologies, we offer a broad mix of titanium dioxide grades for plastics that cover various applications, from general use to films, engineering plastics and various master batches that require excellent weather resistance, color fastness, high dispersivity, or low volatility water soluble grades.
Functional materials
Our core technologies enable us to carry a wide range of titanium dioxide types with a variety of different functions.

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