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Environmental Policy

Sakai Chemical Industry recognizes that environmental protection is one of the most important aspects of corporate management, and as such it is moving forward with initiatives for the environment based closely on the unique characteristics of its products and businesses.

Basic Environmental Policy
  • 1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulation as well as other required matters we agree to as a company.
  • 2. We will focus on the following key points of emphasis based on the nature of our business activities.
    • 1) We will develop and manufacture environmentally-friendly products as well as source environmentally-friendly raw materials.
    • 2) We will seek to enhance our environmental technologies and expertise.
    • 3) We will sell products that help customers lessen their environmental impacts and prevent pollution.
  • 3. From the point of view of the life cycle of products, we will strive to reduce the consumption of resources and energy, and industrial waste at all stages of business activites.
  • 4. We will establish an environmental management system as well as take measure to achieve continual improvements and prevent pollution.
  • 5. We will set environmental objectives as well as regularly revise each.
  • 6. We will inform all employees and persons involved of this Basic Environmental Policy, and provide training opportunities for all employees to ensure their understanding and abiding by this policy.
  • 7. This Basic Environmental Policy will be made public as necessary.

October 1. 2016
Sakai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
President Representative Director

Responsible Care

Sakai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a member of the Japan Responsible Care Council.

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