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Inorganic Chemical Products
Barium and Strontium Salt
  Sakai Chemical provides various highest-quality barium and strontium salt. Our products receive high reputation in a wide variety of applications, but in order to respond to diversifying needs, we are directing our attention particularly to increased purification and super miniaturization. Superb performance of our products has achieved high popularity in fields of electronic components, cosmetics, high-grade paints, special inks, special glass, and others.
In recent years, applications have been more and more subdivided, and each of such applications requires specific functions. To quickly respond to requests from each field, Sakai Chemical has laid out a technological response system that enables us to provide carefully thought-out support to our customers.
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Zinc Products
  Using its wealth of experience and the technology it has gleaned over the course of more than 90 years, Sakai supplies high-quality zinc oxide and zinc dust.
Zinc Oxide
Applications of “zinc oxide” include not only rubber, paints, and plastics but also fluorescent varistors, arresters, soft ferrites, glass and other ceramics, metallic soaps, carbonless paper, batteries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, antimicrobial agents, electronic photographs, UV absorbing fabric, UV absorbing coating agents, catalysts, covering a remarkably wide range.
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Zinc dust
“Zinc dust” is produced by continuous production technology with high-purity zinc ingots used as raw material. Various brands are available with the stable quality maintained and with varying particle sizes.
Applications include heavy-duty coatings making the best of its electrochemical characteristics, catalyst manufacture and metal refining utilizing its reducing capacity, brake lining making use of its softness, plastics applying its weight.
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Advanced Materials
Cosmetic Ingredients
These are the product groups produced by using our core products, titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, and zinc oxide, as their bases, and by super-microparticulating, shape-controlling, and highly purifying them to achieve improved functionality. They are applicable not only to cosmetics but also industrial fields where functionality is essential. Ultrafine titanium dioxide and ultrafine zinc oxide are gaining increasing popularity as UV shielding material and clear high refractive index material, and Flake-shaped barium sulfate has been increasingly applied as material with outstanding low friction factor.
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Magnesium Oxide
Lightweight and high-insulation material with superb thermal conductivity, which is suited for applications where material comes in direct contact with electrodes. Newly-developed SMO-S Series has a rounded form of particle, achieving an increased filling rate to resin and reduced viscosity at the time of processing.
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Zirconium Oxide Dispersion
A high-concentration single nanoparticle clear dispersion containing 30% solid free of any dispersant. As high refractive index optical and electronic materials, applications of the dispersion have been developed for LED encapsulation resin, LCDs, and others. In addition to aqueous dispersions, methanol, MEK and other organic solvent dispersions are lined up.
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Inorganic Chemicals Division
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