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Barium and Strontium Products Product details

Product name Grade Applications Document
Flake-shaped Barium Sulfate   Cosmetics (Foundation), Inks, Paints
Flake-shaped Barium Sulfate H Series  pdf [ PDF:560KB ]

Powder with smooth touch

Product name Grade Characteristics Applications
Flake-shaped barium sulfate H Series •Smooth touch on the skin.
•Appropriate hiding power providing natural skin colors.
•Soft focus effect.
Cosmetics (Foundation, etc.)
  Flake-shaped barium sulfate
Mean particle size (µm) 4 7 10 15 20
Finished appearance matte matte matte low luster luster
Smoothness good very good very good very good fair

Sakai also supplies Ultrafine barium sulfate BF-1H (Mean particle size: 100nm).

Calmaru (Spherical calcium carbonate) SCS Series  pdf [ PDF:304KB ]

Precipitated calcium carbonate conforms to JSQI-2006.
Smooth touch on the skin due to uniform and spherical particles.
Soft focus effect.

  SCS-M5 SCS-M2 (prototype)
Mean particle size (µm)
Soft focus good very good

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