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Titanium Dioxide Product details

The list of grade for plastics
Particle size→ Anatase type Rutile type
↓Surface treatment 0.15µm 0.18µm 0.20µm 0.23µm 0.26µm 0.29µm 0.40µm
Non-treated SA-1 pdf SA-1・L pdf          
Al2O3 A-190   R-25   SR-1
Al2O3-Organic TMA-2
  R-11.P TCR-52 pdf
ZrO2-Al2O3             R-38L
SiO2-Al2O3     R-21   R-62N R-45M  
SiO2-Al2O3-Organic     R-24
R-3LSN D-962 pdf    


Product name Characteristics Document
SA-1 & SA-1・L Anatase type. Highly dispersible non-treated grade for PET resin. pdf [ PDF:44KB ]
A-190 Anatase type. General-purpose grade.  
TMA-2 Anatase type. Highly dispersible Al2O3-treated grade.  
A-160 Anatase type. Water-repellent grade.  
R-25 Rutile type. High tinting strength.  
R-11.P Bluish grade for general-purpose plastics.  
R-21 Rutile type. Color fastness grade. (Bluish.)  
R-24 Rutile type. Color fastness and water-repellent grade. (Bluish.)  
FTR-700 High durability. Color fastness. Minimum volatile water.  
TCR-52 Highly dispersible grade of minimum volatile water. pdf [ PDF:132KB ]
R-39 High water-repellent grade for polycarbonate.  
R-3LSN Grade that suppressed blackening by lead of PVC  
SR-1 Yellowish grade for general-purpose plastics.  
TCR-10 Yellowish grade for general-purpose plastics.  
R-62N Durability. Color fastness.  
D-962 new High durability. Minimum volatile water.Highly dispersible non-treated grade for engineering plastic. pdf [ PDF:644KB ]
R-42 Highly yellowish grade for general-purpose plastics.  
R-45M Durability. Color fastness.  
R-38L new High heat-reflection. High infrared reflection. High durability.  

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