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Message from Management

Sakai Chemical Group aims for strength by achieving the targets under the medium-term management plan "Create Together 2018."

  Please allow me to begin by expressing my appreciation for you, our shareholders and investigators, for your longstanding support.

  Sakai Chemical Group was unable to reach the management targets of 100 billion JPY in net sales and 10 billion JPY in ordinary income that had been set out in the medium-term management plan "Drive for Over 100," which ends in Fiscal Year 2015. The following reasons have been identified: various purchasing influences in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, stagnation of IT-related products compared with the initial plan, influence on medical products by the reduction of National Healthcare Insurance drug prices, and enhanced measure promoting generic drugs use. After taking the assessment into consideration and clarifying management challenges that need to be resolved, we have formulated and started the new three-year plan "Create Together 2018", which starts in Fiscal Year 2016 and involves creating new vision of Sakai Chemical Group.
  Under the new plan, the consolidated target for the final year of the plan (fiscal year 2018) is set at 100 billion JPY in net sales and 6 billion JPY in operating income. Sakai Chemical Group's fields of strategic business include electronics, medical/healthcare, and livelihood/environment infrastructure. We will strengthen business development by expanding the sales of core and newly developed products. We will continue to explore our core technologies, such as powder processing, organic synthesis, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and develop new technologies. We shall focus on exploring and developing new technologies and products that correspond to strategic business fields by setting short- and long- term themes for development.

President Representative Director Masaaki Yabe

Challenges to address

  The company will mark its 100th anniversary in the final year of the Create Together 2018. We will pursue the following initiatives to resolve the business challenges and thus generate momentum for the next 100 years by achieving the management targets under the plan.

  • 1. Build a consistently profitable structure by regaining our earning power
  • 2. Develop new products and contribute to operating results at the earliest possible date
  • 3. Create business synergy through intragroup collaboration within Sakai Chemical Group and strengthen external partnerships .
  • 4. Accelerate business development in growing markets, including those overseas
  • 5. Improve Sakai Chemical Group's management skills by adopting proactive governance something
  • 6. Reform the work environment into one where employees can foster a sense of unity by sharing their values and goals

  "Create Together" includes the message "Let us create a bright future together through proactive promotion of intergroup collaboration within Sakai Chemical Group and strengthening of external partnerships." We will strive to grow our business by being more aware of collaborations and partnerships than ever before and by working together within the Group to find clues to solve challenges at hand, in pursuit of business growth.

  As always, I greatly appreciate the understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.

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