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There have been a multitude of changes in people’s lifestyles and values and the market has become much more diverse since our company was established in 1918. Over the years we have released a wide range of products based on our proprietary technologies as we have sought to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers.
Our technologies (inorganic powder processing technology, including microparticulation and purification, organic synthesis technology (sulfur and phosphorous), medicine manufacturing technology, etc.) are applied in a wide range of products, from electronic materials that are essential to mobile phones and digital consumer electronics to catalyst products that protect our precious global environment and medicines that support human health.
We will continue to work on combining new technologies with the core technologies we have cultivated since our founding and developing highly functional materials and integrated technologies that only the Sakai Chemical Group is capable of. We will also actively invest in markets that are expected to grow like electronic materials, plastics and environmental products in order to expand our business and enhance our product lineup.
We aim to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders and become a corporate group that contributes to the creation of a pleasant future through chemistry. Thank you in advance for your continued understanding and support.

President Representative Director Masaaki Yabe

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