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Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. – Overview and History

Corporate Profile
Address 5-2, Ebisujima-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka 590-8502
Tel / Fax Tel 81-72-223-4111 / Fax 81-72-223-8355
Representative President Representative Director Masaaki Yabe
Established February 25th, 1932 (Founded June 25th, 1918)
Capital ¥218 hundred million
Settlement term Stock Annual (March) Listed on the FIRST SECTION of TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
Numbers of Employees 719(31, March, 2017)
Products Titanium dioxide, barium & strontium products, zinc products, plastic additives, catalyst products, electronic materials and others

Business Divisions

Inorganic Chemicals Operations Division Titanium dioxide is known as the king of white pigments and widely used in nearly every facet of our lives today, including paints, printer ink, plastics, fibers, paper manufacturing and cosmetics. Sakai Chemical Industry is developing products for today that includes environmentally-friendly water-borne paints and other ultra weather-resistant paints. We’re also developing a host of different products used in electronic materials, cosmetics, paints, plastics and pigments, with a focus on barium, strontium, zinc and other functional materials.
Plastic Additives Operations Division Plastic additives are essential components of any plastic product and they help protect against decomposition, discoloration and degradation due to heat or light. Plastic additives also make plastic processing easier and help improve the flame resistance of plastics.
Catalysts Operations Division Sakai Chemical Industry develops catalysts that meet a broad range of needs for energy production and chemical product synthesis, including environmental catalysts that remove nitrogen oxide or breakdown dioxins and ozone.
Electronic Materials Operations Division Sakai Chemical Industry is making contributions to the enhanced performance and more compact designs of mobile phones and other cutting edge electronic devices using its proprietary technologies that include dielectric materials for laminated ceramic capacitors.
Advanced Materials Department Sakai Chemical Industry makes a contribution for your Beauty and Health by providing the following products mainly for cosmetic industry. Ultra-fine Zinc Oxide and Ultra-fine Titanium Dioxide are transparent inorganic UV filters mainly used for sunscreen products. Flake-shaped Barium Sulfate and Spherical Calcium Carbonate which have silky touch on the skin enhances your fresh complexion.
Jun., 1918 Private SAKAI REFINERY FACTORY was established starting zinc white production
May., 1920 Reorganized into a limited partnership
Nov., 1920 Started production of precipitated barium, barium sulfate, and barium carbonate
Feb., 1932 Reorganized into a joint stock company (Capitalized on 2 million yen)
Nov., 1932 Trade name was changed to the present "SAKAI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD."
Jan., 1935 The first manufacture to succeed in factory production of anatase type titanium dioxide
Feb., 1936 Fonded SAKAI TRADING CO.,LTD.(Expansion into such a trade business as raw material and finished product import business)
Jun., 1949 Started production of stabilizer for poly vinyl chloride
Jun., 1950 Started production of metallic soaps for poly vinyl chloride
Feb., 1959 Started production and sale of Linephalt for roadzoning
Feb., 1961 Founded OSAKI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
Oct., 1961 Listed on TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE
May., 1963 Onahama Factory was completed (To cope with the increasing demand for titanium dioxide)
Mar., 1964 Established KAIGEN CO., LTD. (Absorbed the old KAIGEN CO., LTD.)
May., 1969 Yumoto Factory was completed
Jun., 1969 Semboku Factory was completed (Started production of catalysts)
Aug., 1971 Started production of strontium carbonate
Jul., 1975 Founded LINEPHALT INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Expansion into traffic environment field)
Feb., 1978 Started production of NOx removal catalyst
Jul., 1991 Otsurugi Factory was completed
Feb., 1992 Started commercial production of electronic ceramic materials
Dec., 1994 Took over a business of Tomioka Chemical CO., LTD. (promoting fine organic chemical business)
Sep., 1997 Ultra-fine zinc oxide (FINEX) plant was completed
Apr., 2000 Titanium dioxide business of Tohkem Products Corp. was merged
Oct., 2002 Acquired the stocks of Kyodo Chemical CO.,LTD.(Fortified plastic additives business)
Mar., 2003 The R&D Center was expanded by completing a new wing
Jul., 2003 Testing facility for commercial production was completed (at Sakai manufacturing site)
Mar., 2005 Micro-fine materials plant for cosmetics application was completed
Aug., 2007 Testing facility for commercial production was completed (at Onahama manufacturing site)
Dec., 2007 Founded Sakai Chemical (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (promoting overseas plastic additives business)
Apr., 2008 Reinforced organic chemical business by integrating sales and marketing activities to SC ORGANIC CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (former name was TOMIOKA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.)
Feb., 2012 Acquired the whole stocks of KATAYAMA SEIYAKUSYO CO., LTD. (Expansion into active pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients business)
Mar., 2012 KAIGEN CO., LTD. became the wholly owned subsidiary of SAKAI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. through a stock swap
Apr., 2013 Integrated pharmaceutical business of SAKAI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. and KYOSEI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. to KAIGEN PHARMA CO., LTD.(former name was KAIGEN CO., LTD.)
Sep., 2017 Sold 100% shares of LINEPHALT INDUSTRY CO., LTD. to NICHIREKI CO., LTD

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